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Exclusive Download - Rob Dickinson "Crank" (Acoustic)

We've got another exclusive MP3 download for you from one of our absolute favorite musicians, Rob Dickinson. We've been chatting up the upcoming reissue of his debut solo album, Fresh Wine For The Horses, which comes out as a double-disc on June 10. The main disc does indeed the new song - Source

Rob Dickinson Working On New Music In '08

It is hard to believe that it has been over two years since former Catherine Wheel frontman Rob Dickinson unleashed his debut solo album, Fresh Wine For The Horses. Since then, he has crisscrossed North America, performing an impressive number of acoustic solo shows. Source

Rob Dickinson - San Diego, CA - Casbah

The first show of the year has come and gone, and who better to start the year than Rob Dickinson, formerly of Catherine Wheel? Earlier in the afternoon, Rob was on 91X radio here in San Diego talking about what he's been doing since November of 2000 when Catherine Wheel played their last gig supporting the Smashing Pumpkins. Since that time he moved back to New York and settled back into real life away from music.

In 2003, he moved to Los Angeles and began designing cars as a freelance Porsche specialist, similar to what he did back home in Norfolk at the Lotus factory. He also began the leisurely process of recording his solo album, Fresh Wine for the Horses, with David Rolfe producing. The album was finally released in September of 2005, and the month before, I saw Rob play an incredible show with Adam Franklin of Swervedriver and Mark Gardener of Ride for M-Theory Records' 2nd Annual Sonic Summer Bash. Prior to that, I hadn't seen Rob or Catherine Wheel since they played in San Diego at Cane's in mid-2000. His voice has been missed.


The Catherine Wheel Interview

On a gorgeous April afternoon, Rob Dickinson sprawls by the rooftop pool at a West Hollywood hotel, looking every bit the native LA sun worshipper. "I used to live here, four or five years ago," he says, sipping a beer. "I really like this place." Dickinson and the rest of The Catherine Wheel have come to promote Wishville. It's their first album in three years, during which they've bid farewell to founding member Dave Hawes; joined forces again with Tim Friese-Green (producer of their breakthrough debut Ferment); and broken down what Catherine Wheel was all about, putting it back together as who they are now.

Interview by Lisa Y. Garibay