Britpop band Dodgy to make live return for charity

Britpop band Dodgy will play their first gig in ten years for Manchester charity Versus Cancer, which is run by former Smtihs bassist Andy Rourke.  Source

Dodgy's Dodgy New Album

Dodgy are getting ready to release their fourth album, "Real Estate", on July 23rd. It will be released on their own Bostin label and the entire album has been funded by their fans. They managed to raise 10,000 pounds by sending donations through the official site.

Koala Wants You!

Not so much a news item but a plea to help one of our favorite unsigned bands. If you don't know who KOALA are, you should head over to their website to find out more. That said, Koala need our help! The band DODGY (hey, remember them?) are gearing up for their upcoming comeback gig at the London Astoria. Dodgy are holding a contest via their website to pick an opening band for the gig... and Koala have been selected as a finalist! This high-profile gig could easily result in a record deal and much needed publicity for Koala.


Dodgy Split

DODGY have called it a day. Or more specifically, singer/songwriter Nigel Clark has called it a day, announcing his departure to pursue a solo career. Drummer Matthew Priest and guitarist Andy Miller will continue to work together, possibly even under the Dodgy name (pending a legal outcome.) In the meantime, Dodgy have confirmed that they WILL play their previously scheduled slot on the Guildford Festival this August as a goodbye show.