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The Soft Bulletin Turns 10

Though they're clearly still going strong, ten years ago yesterday Oklahoma's favorite sons released their ninth and generally speaking most beloved album The Soft Bulletin. It was the Flaming Lips' moody, poppy, deeply atmospheric followup to 1997's quadruple turntable adventure Zaireeka and it was followed by another critical and commercial success, 2002's Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots, but The Soft Bulletin found the Lips (and producer Dave Fridmann) nailing something especially magical. It's somehow welcoming, chilly, lonesome, communal, psychedelic, and down home at the same time. The collection crystallized the Lips' step into less experimental directions, found them a larger audience, and provided a template for future releases. To celebrate The Soft Bulletin's 10-year mark we've collected seven assorted covers -- from the worlds of indie, jazz, pop, folk, even a cappella -- to give an idea of the album's far-reaching impact. And, while you're at it, you should listen to the original again. It still sounds like it was recorded entirely at sunset.Continue reading The Soft Bulletin Turns 10... - Source

Oklahoma governor overrides House's rejection of Flaming Lips tune

Oklahoma governor Brad Henry announced today (April 23) that he will sign an executive order overriding the Oklahoma House of Representative's decision to reject the use of Flaming Lips' 'Do You Realize' as the state's song. - Source

The Flaming Lips: "Our Producer Is A Freak!"

Wayne Coyne reveals that long-time collaborator and producer Dave Fridmann is "an utter freak". - Source

New Flaming Lips - "Once Beyond Hopelessness" (Stereogum Premiere)

Last week "Space Bible With Volume Lumps" put us in the proper mindset for Christmas On Mars, the seven-years-in-the-making science-fiction film written and directed by guitar hero Wayne Coyne. The DVD's out in two weeks, and in its deluxe form includes a Lips score of almost all-new instrumental material. One such song, "Once Beyond Hopelessness," soundtracks a scene in which Major Syrtis has to convince Santa Claus to appear in the colonists' Yuletide pageant before they run out of oxygen. I'm guessing. I haven't seen it. - Source

New Flaming Lips - "Space Bible With Volume Lumps"

From the 1,000 Skeleton March to the long-brewing (and delayed) sci-fi flick Christmas In Mars, to name a pair, no doubt the Flaming Lips are into their Holidays. The latter's been a longtime coming: Wayne Coyne & Co. started working on Christmas in 2001 and finished filming in 2005. Christmas, which Coyne wrote and directed, debuted this past May, but I haven't seen it. He plays "The Martian." Other players include Fred Armisen and Isaac Brock. All of that said and skimmed, I have no idea where "Space Bible With Volume Lumps" comes into the picture, though it's the penultimate track. - Source

Vote Flaming Lips For Official State Of Oklahoma Rock Song

Yoshimi/Land Rover's "Do You Realize?" is up against nine other nominees including All-American Rejects, JJ Cale, Elvis Presley, and the Ventures, and other folks who are either from Oklahoma or whose work has some sort of Oklahoman affiliation. The voting is open to the public (no matter where you live) until 11/15 and the winning track will be presented to the OK legislature in 2009: Vote! (Great people of Oklahoma, will you move if All-American Rejects win this thing?) - Source

Flaming Lips Tune Used In New Salad Dressing Ad

Does 'Yeah Yeah Yeah Song' match with Kraft's latest commercial? You be the judge. - Source

Flaming Lips Add Shows, Christmas on Mars Screening

In mid-October 2005, Pitchfork News posted a story titled "Flaming Lips Finish Filming Christmas on Mars", several years after our first mention of it in November of 2002. Whether or not it was, indeed, done some two-and-a-half years ago, we felt compelled even then to mention that the Flaming Lips' long-delayed filmic epic was "finally... finally... FINALLY" in the can. - Source

Flaming Lips Screw Up

Oops, big oops. The Flaming Lips released on Tuesday a 5.1 Surround re-release of their 1999 critically acclaimed album, The Soft Bulletin. This new was set to include a re-arrangement of songs, a bonus DVD, videos, rarities, etc. Unfortunately, when the discs were packed up... regular old copies of The Soft Bulletin were included. Oops.

Warner Brothers is quickly trying to make amends. If you purchased one of these screwed-up discs you can mail the disc (only the disc, no booklet or case) to the following address for a replacement:

Flaming Lips
Soft Bulletin Screw-Up
P.O. Box 3265
Edmond, Oklahoma 73083

Franz Ferdinand on Austin City Limits

I was flipping around the schedule for my MythTV machine and found out that FRANZ FERDINAND was playing on the PBS show, Austin City Limits. Looking at their upcoming schedule, they have a bunch of cool acts coming up like PIXIES, WILCO, POLYPHONIC SPREE, THE FLAMING LIPS and the SHINS. Check your local listings...