Freestylers Interview

The Freestylers have just released one of the most important dance albums this year. What makes the album so important is the simple fact that you can dance to the entire record -- just put it on and it busts out the beats throughout! I found out about the Freestylers when my friend recommended them to me; at about the same time, I also heard them at a club. I picked up the import version of "We Rock Hard" and it totally knocked me on my ass.

On March 23, 1998, the Freestylers played at the World Club in Hollywood. They brought it all together with a full band, breakdancers, keyboards, and a DJ that took the place to a new level. Their concert really does the album justice because it sounds like a big party and that's exactly is what was happening on stage.

A few days later I was given the opportunity to interview them at a video shoot. As I drove up there were tons of people all around, a bunch of RV's, catering trucks . . . A video shoot for an unknown electonica band? It looked more like a Metallica video. I'm glad that Mammoth records are behind the Freestylers because they'll be the biggest dance act this year.

I was introduced to Aston Harvy and Matt Cantor who are the main music writers. DJ Jay Rock also joined the interview in its final stages.

Interview by Ajay Sharma