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Graham Coxon, Spinning Top

Blur guitarist's seventh solo album enters 'concept' territory! - Source

For The Record - An Interview With Graham Coxon

When I heard Graham Coxon was playing the Levi's/FADER Fort, I knew he was someone I had to interview. Besides having a new solo album set to drop in May, he's touring with Pete Doherty and getting back together with this little band called Blur too. All were up for discussion on this warm, first day of Spring in Austin, Texas. - Source

Graham Coxon Explains Blur Non-Reunion

He tells New Musical Express: "People thought, "Oh, it's a bit too much, just jumping into a studio. We met for a catch-up & it was great, but there was no real talk of recording. It doesn't really bother me. I've got enough going on to feel happy & fulfilled."  - Source

Graham back in Blur?

I'd take this with a huge rock of salt, but according to The Daily Mirror, Graham Coxon's back in BLUR. According to the Mirror, Graham met with the other members of Blur last week and all has been forgiven. They quote a "music industry insider" as saying, "The meeting went well - probably better than any of them expected... It's very positive for everyone and Graham will still be able to do his solo work as well as working with the band again." Hmmm...

UPDATE FROM SHANE 20 Oct 6:30pm CST: Looks like, in fact, the salt rock wins out. Designer Magazine is now claiming to have the first interview with Coxon since The Mirror broke this news story. According to the interview, Coxon is NOT rejoining Blur. His direct quote:

It's not true at all. Of course not. Is anything you've ever read in the Mirror true? Can you read any evidence that what the headline said was true within the piece? All that piece says is that I'm definitely recording another solo album with Stephen Street, it doesn't really say anything about me joining Blur at all. So the headline is wrong for what the piece is. It should be ignored.

From the horse's mouth? Who knows. The interview DOES confirm that Coxon recently met up with the other three members of the band, but, according to Coxon, it was to "mend stuff emotionally," not creatively.

Graham Blur Sets a US Release Date

The solo album from GRAHAM COXON of BLUR even has a release date in the States. It's August 11 (a near simultaneous release with the UK version,) and will be distributed on our shores by Caroline Records.

Graham Blur Goes Solo

NME has confirmed the release of BLUR guitarist GRAHAM COXON's first solo release, "The Sky is Too High," slated for release on August 10th. Every instrument on the album is played by Coxon himself. Meanwhile, Blur will be holing up into the studio once the World Cup is over with; the band is confirming that William Orbit has been approached for producing.