guided by voices

Guided By Voices - Philadelphia, PA - 09/10/04

Guided By Voices, "The Electrifying Conclusion"
Philadelphia, Theatre Of Living Arts
Friday September 10, 2004

I do like Guided By Voices, but am by no means their biggest fan. There any many more people who are endlessly devoted to this band. Shortly after seeing the video for "Motor Away" on 120 minutes years ago, I've been cognizant 2 things about GBV:

  1. Bob Pollard is one of the most prolific songwriters of our time, releasing about an album a year with usually over 20 songs a shot.
  2. Bob Pollard has also penned some of the best indie rock/indie pop songs/albums of the 90s and early 2000s.

What I learned this past Friday is that people are also devoted to GBV because:
Guided By Voices are one of the best rock and roll shows around, putting to shame many a lesser band.


10 years on... the kids are coming out to play in Philly

To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Magnet Magazine, the music lovers at Magnet have organized a fabulous party. September 5 will see the likes of Guided By Voices, The Shins and My Morning Jacket take over the Trocadero in Philadelphia to celebrate. It's all ages, so gather up some pre-teens and introduce them to what a night of indierock should be.

Motel of Fools

Guided By Voices frontman Robert Pollard is releasing a new 7 track mini-lp to celebrate the new year. Limited to 1000 pressings, the new material will be coming out only on vinyl on January 14. You can pre-order it now at .