mark ronson

New Mark Ronson Video - "Just"

Even though he's been fab-from-birth, it wasn't 'til Ronson "covered" Radiohead back in '06 that heads outside the NYC/London/Tom-Kat-wedding DJ scene turned. First just a single, then included on Exit Music: Songs With Radio Heads and given a video, setting the template for what his future covers, like his takes on the Smiths and Coldplay for Version, would sound like. Since "Just" was Mark's first self-created authentic shit to really catch hold, though, it reappeared on last year's LP -- and, here, gets yet another video treatment. It's the cover that will never die. (This time it's more clearly Mark's video because he plays the entire band and, more importantly, his name is on the kick drum.) Before you ask why he doesn't write his own songs -- the subtitled janitor beat you to it.  Source