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New Neil Halstead Video - "Paint A Face" (Stereogum Premiere)

To recap: Neil Halstead, a founding member of Slowdive and the singer/main songwriter of Mojave 3, released his sophomore solo record Oh! Mighty Engine this past July on Jack Johnson's Brushfire Records (the solo debut was on 4AD). The Emmett Malloy-directed video for Oh! Mighty's "Paint A Face" includes Halstead performing alone with his band or on-stage or on waves, looking Will Oldham-like throughout. When we posted "Paint A Face" in pure-audio form, I found his self-described "nylon rock" akin to "Kings of Convenience + Iron & Wine + Cornwall, England + a warm, slightly melancholic breeze." At that time, I didn't know the video version of the clip would, in fact, be shot in Cornwall or that Halstead would prove such a natural in his wetsuit. - Source

New Neil Halstead - "Paint A Face"

Neil Halstead, a founding member of Slowdive and the singer/main songwriter of Mojave 3, is releasing his sophomore solo record oh, mighty engine at the end of July on Jack Johnson's Brushfire Records (the solo debut was on 4AD). Pairing with Johnson may seem strange, but when you take a closer listen to Halstead's gentle melodies and often naturalist lyrics, the overlap goes beyond both guys liking to surfing. For instance, "Paint A Face" from the forthcoming collection is akin to Kings of Convenience + Iron & Wine + Cornwall, England + a warm, slightly melancholic breeze. - Source

Mojave 3's Halstead Joins Jack Johnson's Label, Tour

Little known fact about Slowdive/Mojave 3 main man and solo artist Neil Halstead: dude's an avid surfer. Pretty much the only fact I know about Jack Johnson: he surfs too. It's this mutual love of hanging 10, we'll playfully assume, that brought misters Halstead and Johnson together for a little business. - Source

Sad News from Rachel Goswell

We've got some sad news for fans of Mojave 3 and Slowdive to report. Rachel Goswell has written in her MySpace Blog that she's had a variety of health issues lately that will restrict her from touring and playing with Mojave 3 in the near future.

"Back in January I suddenly lost a moderate amount of hearing in my left ear. Accompanying this I have had really bad problems with my balance and awful tinnutis. It's been very debilitating for me and I haven't been able to do very much at all. The general day to day stuff on it's own has been quite difficult. It took 5 weeks to see a specialist. I've had a few tests now and have more to go through over the next month to determine why what happened happened. Ears are complicated things. What has happened to me I've been told is rare. I've had labyrinthitis (an inner ear infection) which has led to permanent hearing loss, permanent tinnutis and nerve damage in a couple of places in my inner ear. Some nerves have died apparantly and I keep getting additional middle ear infections. My immune system is currently through the floor. I've been on various medication since it all happened to me. The main one was to help me balance, I've come of these drugs now and am adjusting to my new way of life going through daily physiotherapy to retrain my brain to compensate for the loss of the left side. I'm also waiting for a hearing aid."

We wish Rachel all the best in her recovery.

Touring is Universal

Rachel Goswell - Waves are UniversalYou can't go see Slowdive play live anytime soon, but you can check out Rachel Goswell. The former Slowdive and Mojave 3 girly takes to the road in the US this week in support of her first solo album, "Waves are Universal". The album, released on Beggars Banquet/4AD, was co-written with Joe Light and produced by David Naughton to praise from several critics...

"Waves Are Universal proves that Goswell can carry a whole record on her own without any trouble. " - All Music Guide
"Each song is meticulously constructed, and feels like a musical soundtrack to lush, magical worlds -- from the sound effects of birds chirping on "Gather Me Up," to the strings gently floating on the sunrise-glare of "Thru the Dawn" and "Hope," a Beth Orton-esque pastoral country strum." - Billboard

And not so much praise from others...

"From an album I expected so much of, this is a frankly dire effort. She totally overdoes the 'twee' effect, tries to over-instrument her songs to divert attention from her lacklustre melodies and has obviously spent no time whatsoever on the lyrics." - BBC Collective
"Goswell deserves praise for putting together a solid album that could appeal to both fans of her previous work and others; this is no rank piece of collector bait. But having at long last stretched her compositional and performing muscles, let's hope next time she builds on the stronger songs here." - Stylus Magazine

Regardless of the mixed reviews, live performances by Ms Goswell are a rare thing on this side of the Atlantic (or actually any side)...

Rachel Goswell Goes It Alone

RACHEL GOSWELL, her once of Slowdive, now of Mojave 3, and always of Shane's ultimate fantasies, is releasing her first solo EP in the UK this week. "The Sleep Shelter EP" is out on 4AD, to be followed by her debut solo album, "Waves Are Universal," due next month. Goswell's solo efforts are said to be less experimental than her oft-breathy, surreal vocals showcased so well in her other outfits. There's yet to be any definitive word of a US release date, but the EP is available for full download plus artwork for 3 pounds via 4AD's website.

Possible Gomez/Mojave 3 Tour

MOJAVE 3 and GOMEZ may be touring the states together starting in April. Further details are expected soon.

Mojave 3, Blur, and Underworld Tour Updates

Tour rumor central! The 4AD site is reporting that MOJAVE 3 are planning an "extensive" tour of the U.S. in late March or Early April. A bit further down the road, BLUR may be returning to the U.S. this fall for a quick jaunt, already contrasting with their earlier plans to never tour again. Finally, click on tours for the newly announced dates for UNDERWORLD who will be touring in April in support of their third album, "Beaucoup Fish."

Mojave 3 Loves You

Mojave 3 will release their first EP from their upcoming album on June 28th. It will be titled, "Who Do You Love" and contains three bsides "Between Us", "This Road I'm Travelling" and "Who Do You Love - demo". A tour is also in the works.