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Olivia Tremor Control Add 4 More Gigs!

Could any new material be in the cards? Odds are slim... but still, we're incredibly happy that THE OLIVIA TREMOR CONTROL are hitting the road. Sadly, it's only 4 gigs (Chicago, Athens, and 2 nights in New York City) in late July/early August. Meanwhile, Olivia co-frontman Will Cullen-Hart is confirming that the 2nd release from his new project, Circulatory System, will be finished this month for release soon.

Olivia Tremor Control To Play ONE U.S. Gig

THE OLIVIA TREMOR CONTROL are reuniting. That's the good news. The bad news is that it's for exactly TWO concerts -- no more, no less. One is at England's annual All Tomorrow's Parties festival... while the other was JUST announced. Friday, April 15th, the band will take to the stage at -- where else? -- The 40 Watt Club in Athens, GA. FOr those residing on planet Mars, The Olivia Tremor Control were one of the three bands at the center of the Elephant 6 Collective, a loose fold of Athens area musicians who redefined indie psychedelia a few years back. While many of the original Elephant 6-related bands have soldiered on (Apples in Stereo, Of Montreal, Elf Power,) sadly the Olivias were one of the first to go on "extended hiatus." The group's co-frontmen have since launched new projects (Will Cullen-Hart founded Circulatory System, while The Bill Doss is now the primary force behind The Sunshine Fix,) but have agreed to reunite with John Fernandez and the rest of the band for these two shows. While this is exciting news, there are still a couple of bummers out there:

Bummer #1: Fernandez' posts to the Olivias message boards at e6townhall.com have stressed that this will be the band's ONLY U.S. reunion appearance for the foreseeable future, and that no plans exist to revive the band for further shows or recordings, and

Bummer #2: Advance internet sales for the show have already sold out. However, an allotment of tickets has been given to two Athens-area record stores, School Kids Records and Low Yoyo. These additional tickets will go on sale March 14. We don't know yet if either of these shops are set up to sell tickets online or over the phone, so if you're planning on journeying to the gig, you might want to MySpace up some friends in Athens real quick to pick you up tickets in person.

Our collective fingers are crossed that these quick gigs will re-ignite the spark for the guys to get together and make another record... but we're not holding our breath.

SFA Updates

Just as the SUPER FURRY ANIMALS are beginning to promote their second album ("Radiator") in the States, there's already word of a third. Creation is confirming today that the brand new Super Furries single, "Northern Lites," will be released in the UK on May 10. No word yet from Flydaddy on a tentative US release. Be sure to catch the Super Furries on tour in the States (frequently with the OLIVIA TREMOR CONTROL, which is a bit of a double bonus.) See our TOURS page for details.