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The Orb Set to Release A New Album With Pink Floyd's David Gilmour (Sort of)

This is kind of an odd one.  Last year on David Gilmour confirmed that he was working with the Orb.  Actually, he was just working with 1/2 of the Orb, Youth.  A fan-run blog about David Gilmour has recently elaborated on the project.  They say that David is NOT working with the Orb.  He merely went into the studio and jammed with Youth to work on one track.  The Orb then took that jam session and used the material across an entire album called, Metallic Spheres, which will be released in October as, "The Orb featuring David Gilmour".

What's funny about this is that NME picks up the story and pastes the headline, "The Orb to release new album featuring Pink Floyd's David Gilmour."  And they link to the fan-run blog which clearly states, "David is not working with the Orb on a new album..."

The Orb will always be special for me.  After the shoegazing days of the early nineties, I picked up "U.F.Orb" and was blown away by the 15 minute long ambient tracks.  They were the "band" that introduced me to electronic music and opened my eyes to a world of great music without drone-y guitars.

Syd Barrett RIP

I still don't quite know WHY I'm horribly sad at the passing of Syd Barrett today at age 60. The Pink Floyd founder helped to create one of the best debut albums in history, then pretty much imploded in a whirlwind of drugs, psychosis, and a couple of the most deranged solo albums ever committed to vinyl. Maybe I'm sad because of the lost potential. Barrett was either a musical genius or a magical fluke - all we have are a handful of songs as proof, and it's not enough. Had he held it together, perhaps he could've been TRULY great. Who knows, though? Maybe they'll go into his room and find 20 years worth of musical epics lurking in the closet. No one knows - and that was part of Barrett's magic. We idolize him and his mysterious flaws the same way we idolize J.D. Salinger. Barrett was an intense flame who burned out WAY before his time -- and then truly was never to be heard from again. Did drugs destroy Barrett? Or was the influence of drugs what made his tiny body of work so brilliant in the first place? Regardless, his limited but vital contributions to the music world made psychedelic music what it is today... and every time you hear a band like Spiritualized... or the Flaming Lips... or Neutral Milk Hotel... you'll realize that Barrett's crazy diamond WILL shine on for years and years to come. And there's no better legacy than that. RIP Syd.

Live8 Rebroadcast

MTV actually listened to the complaints and will air 10 hours of uninterrupted performance footage from last week's Live8 concerts. Starting at 10am-3pm, VH1 will start the broadcast and then it will switch to MTV from 3pm-8pm. Some of the performances include: U2, Pink Floyd, Coldplay/Richard Ashcroft, Paul McCartney, Killers, Robbie Williams, the Who and more...

If you can't watch, then maybe you'd like to download the performances from AOL. That site has a list of direct download links for almost every performer in every country. And as always, please go to the Live8 website and sign up, they don't want your money, just your face.