Razorlight's Johnny Borrell to star in Irvine Welsh film

Johnny Borrell will play an Irish murder victim in the forthcoming Irvine Welsh film 'The Meat Trade'. - Source

Razorlight Scorch in with a Summer Anthem

Summer anthems are popping up left and right and already starting to pop up when we're caught singing in the shower. (I'm still in shock over the fact that I LOVE the new Justin Timberlake single. I'm awaiting the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse as I type.) Anyways, one of the BEST classic summer songs this year is the new RAZORLIGHT tune, "In the Morning." It's already all over the British airwaves, and it's coming to the US soon (though the American release of the record has been delayed until 8/22.) Anyways, in case you haven't heard it, you can peep the track right here.

Razorlight - In the Morning.mp3

Razorlight Interview

"Exciting, Thrilling, Confusing"
Razorlight frontman Johnny Borrell spills about how their first American tour is going.

Interview by Amanda Van West, photos by Nancy Elser

"Hey girl, get on the dancefloor/And rip it up, yeah/That's what it's there for!" commanded Johnny Borrell, the frontman for new U.K. sensation Razorlight, as they launched into "Rip It Up" from their recently released album "Up All Night". The crowd happily obliged. Razorlight tore through an exhilarating hour-long set, and lived up to the hype that they have received in the U.K. Guitarist Bjorn Agren and bass player Carl Dalemo jumped around all over stage, throwing in some scissor kicks for good measure. Drummer Andy Burrows, who joined the band when original drummer Christian Smith-Pancorvo left due to health problems, banged and beat his drums with high, youthful energy. But it was Borrell who stole the show that night. Borrell spat out his lyrics with a feverish intensity, sometimes even throwing his guitar and knocking over his mic stand. He climbed up various amplifiers, eventually climbing up the tallest one and grabbing onto the ceiling rafters, all the while still singing perfectly, not missing one word. Borrell jumped off the amplifier and back onto the stage in one fluid motion, like some kind of wild jungle cat. At one point he grabbed a chair and stood on top of it proclaiming, "There! Now I feel like I'm on a real stage [the Popscene stage is only about a foot high]! Can everybody see me?" He was met with rabid cheering from the crowd, and received even more cheering (mostly from the women in the crowd) when he stripped off his shirt and ran around on stage like Iggy Pop.