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Travis/Remy Zero

Travis/Remy Zero
October 23, 2001
Universal Amphitheater

There just may be no nicer bands on the planet than Travis and Remy Zero, who hosted a packed house at Universal Amphitheater with a warm embrace that Martha Stewart would've been jealous of. The two bands-who've been close friends since first meeting and touring together back in 1999-obviously enjoy each other's company so much that the good feeling just can't help but spill out over the stage and drench the audience. Not that the crowd minded one bit; carried away on a wave of optimism and catchy tunes, a grateful crowd was on its feet and cheering loudly for the majority of each band's set.

Review by Lisa Y. Garibay


Remy Zero to Open For Travis

Just a quick note of confirmation: REMY ZERO has snagged the support slot for the forthcoming North American TRAVIS tour.