It's The Other One!

Despite rumors here and elsewhere Nick McCabe has not been named the new guitarist for Blur. In an official announcement from the Blur camp, Simon Tong (read the "other" guitarist in The Verve and member of The Shining) has become the hottest guitar player south of Manchester. Um... well ... err... you'll still be hearing Graham on the new album (due out early summer) but Simon will now have to wallow in the corner during the live version of the Albarn show instead of Graham. ;-)

The Shining Cancel US Tour

Word from a Sony rep is that The Shining have cancelled their upcoming US tour. Scheduled for November 5 - 23 there has been no word yet as to why. Ticketmaster does not list the Chicago show at Double Door on the 18th as being cancelled yet, but all other shows appear to be. Neither the UK nor US websites for the band contain any further info. We'll try to keep you updated.

Shining Postpone US Tour

The Shining have postoned their US tour. As mentioned before, the Shining are a new band with a couple ex-members of the Verve. They were scheduled to play three dates (NY, Toronto, and LA) next week but have pulled out. But hold on to your tickets because they will play those shows and we'll let you know as soon as they reschedule. If you haven't bought tickets, then enter to win tickets at the US Shining site.

Shining in America

As mentioned earlier ex-Verve members Simon Jones and Simon Tong are in a new band called The Shining. They are coming to the US with a massive 3-date tour with stops in NY, LA, and Toronto! :) Allstar's got a little blurb about the band and how they've inked a US deal with EMI. Their debut album, 'True Skies', will be released this fall.