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Sigur Ros on MTV2

I actually got spam that was worth reading the other day and here it is:

Sigur Ros have a beautiful (and potentially controversial) new video for «Vidrar vel til loftarasa». You can see it along with the video for «Svefn-G-Englar», live footage, and an interview throughout September on MTV2. Tune in at the following days & times.

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Thu 9/13/01 12:30-1:00am
Sun 9/16/01 midnight-12:30am
Sat 9/22/01 midnight-12:30am
Fri 9/28/01 midnight-12:30am


Possible Sigur Ros US Tour

We don't have dates confirmed yet, but our new Icelandic heroes SIGUR ROS are prepping for their very first American tour, according to NME. We'll keep our eyes peeled for an official announcement from the band, and as soon as dates start appearing, we'll have them here...

An American Release Date for Sigur Ros

SIGUR ROS set for American Release. Well...maybe. Interscope is trying to win over the anti-major label band. We'll keep you posted of the results.