the streets

Back on the Street

Well... Mike Skinner is back. The man behind THE STREETS caused quite a ruckus with his first record, and we'll find out soon enough whether his sophomore release can appease the punters. On April 26 the first single "Fit But You Know It" will make an appearance on British record store shelves with the album "A Grand Don't Come For Free " following a few weeks later on May 10.

One of the tracks, "Dry Your Eyes", was originally a collaboration with COLDPLAY frontman Chris Martin... but it has been axed from the record and re-recorded. Skinner told the NME, "I wrote the track and I thought that he (Martin) would sound really good on it. I asked him to do it and he did. After that I don't really know. I don't think his record company liked it. But maybe he didn't like it. On the day he was (happy with it). Well, maybe he wasn't, maybe he was lying to me and he walked out going 'This is not working'. But it wasn't massive stress. It would have been nice, but we've re-recorded it and it sounds great."


Geezers Need Excitement

Mike Skinner (aka The Streets) has just scheduled a quick jaunt across the ocean to our shores. The seven city tour includes an appearance on The Tonight Show.