Supergrass/The Coral & Idlewild live in Boston

Well, both of these tours happened to start in Boston this week.

Supergrass were better then when I saw them on tour during the X-ray album. They played lots of songs from "I Should Coco" and most of the new tracks sounded great.  I think the drums rocked a bit TOO HARD. Supergrass don't need this heavy metal arena rock stomp behind them! Nevertheless (furtherthemore), it was an impressive sound. The Coral opened up and even if it's hard to describe their music without saying "sea shanty", they played a surprisingly excellent set with some new songs, culminating in a incredible 10 minute jam on "Goodbye" that I'm kicking myself for not recording.

The next night Idlewild took the stage and played an incredible set - the best I've seen from them yet. The setlist was near perfect (not including "Actually, It's Darkness" is criminal!) and never in a million years would I think they would open up with "You Just Have to Be Who You Are" as a segue into "I Am (What I Am Not)". I did tape this one, learning my lesson with the Coral the night before. I walked in while French Kicks were on, and from what I heard I wasn't too impressed. But yes, do check out Idlewild during this tour.

Setlists (in approx order)
Supergrass :

Mansize Rooster
Sitting Up Straight
Strange Ones
Seen The Light
Rush Hour Soul
Brecon Beacons
Late In The Day
Never Done Nothing Like That Before
Pumping On your Stereo
Richard III
Lose it
Sun Hits The Sky
La Song
Neil Young Cover
Caught By The Fuzz

Idlewild :
You Just Have To Be Who You Are (!)
I Am (What I Am Not)
Little Discourage
You Held The World in Your Arms
I'm a Message
Tell Me Ten Words (sounded pretty good on electric guitar)
A Modern Way Of Letting Go
These Wooden Ideas
I'm Happy To Be Here Tonight
Anihilate Now (!!!)
American English
When I Argue I See Shapes
Live in a Hiding Place
Film About the Future
Listen To What You've Got
In Remote Part / Scottish Fiction

Life On Other Planets

The new SUPERGRASS album "Life On Other Planets" comes out in the UK on Monday. While I can't verify a US release date, any fan can listen to the album through the Parlophone website for a limited time.
The band also launched a brand new website of their own and dedicated it to Douglas Adams.

Supergrass and Sonic Youth Tour With Perl Jam

Supergrass have been tipped, along with Sonic Youth, as openers on Pearl Jam's upcoming U.S. tour this summer. Full venues and details are forthcoming - we'll post them as soon as we receive confirmation.

Interesting Auction

There's an interesting auction going on this week at Interactive Collector ( It's called HITS UNDER THE HAMMER, and it's a charity auction of autographed/hand-written lyrics to benefit the Nordoff-Robbins Trust. Among the auctioned items, which are available for bids online, are the original working lyric sheets of "Wake Up Boo!", a lawn chair with the lyrics of "Sit Down" scrawled across it by Tim Booth, as well as lyric sheets from Supergrass, The Cure, and many others.