Symposium Split

Some bad news today, as it has been announced that SYMPOSIUM have split up. Apparently tensions arising from the lack of a current record deal had something to do with it. The band was among the best live acts of recent years and were also some of the friendliest people you could hope to meet. An interview with the band from 1998 is available here. We will keep our ears open for word as to the future musical endeavors of Ross, Will, Hagop and the other former members of Symposium.


On the final night of their fourth and final U.S. tour of 1998, I spoke with Ross, Will, and Wojciech from Symposium. The band were in a good spirits, having just come offstage, and knowing that they would by flying back to London the next morning. The previous time they had been through the Metro, James Iha was in the house, and Ross had seemed a little bit starstruck at the sight of one of Chicago's best known pop stars milling about. He probably expected Michael Jordan to waltz by next. So I began by asking them who else they've gotten a chance to meet while touring....

Interview by Stuart Forrest Reid


Token Brit Band Tours

Summer Tour Preview: Part Two. As usual, the big package tours going across the U.S. this summer offer little to those with brit-indie sensibilities. Nevertheless, a few of the tours have added at least one British band to add a smidgen of credibility to their rosters. Symposium will be playing a number of dates on the Warped tour and will also be playing some smaller venues while they are stateside. Similarly, Catatonia will be playing some dates on the HORDE tour as well as doing some headlining while they are in the U.S.


Symposium Tour

Following the U.S. release of their debut album, "On the Outside", Symposium will be touring the states this summer on the Warped Tour.