trembling blue stars

Goodbye Trembling Blue Stars

England's Trembling Blue Stars are about to call it quits. They have no more plans to remain together as a band after the first of the year. As such they are in the process of planning a few goodbye gigs including a small stop over in the US for the east coast....


Trembling Blue Stars On The Rise

Bobby and Beth are back. They've bounced back from their split with Shinkansen to a new label (Elefant) and are preparing a limited edition single, "Southern Skies Appear Brighter". The advance single hasn't been officially released yet but is available now through Elefant and Darla. The five song sampler is a preview of their new album "The Seven Autumn Flowers" that Spanish label Elefant will release worldwide this fall.

Trembling Blue Stars Interview

I was fortunate enough to get a short Q&A session with Bobby Wratten of the Trembling Blue Stars (formerly The Field Mice and Northern Picture Library). Bobby and Beth can be seen performing acoustically in a city near you soon.

A big thank you to Beth Arzy-Dean and Subpop.


Select Trembling Blue Stars tour dates cancelled

Due to recent increased national security concerns, the Trembling Blue Stars are unable to get to the United States in time for the first half of their upcoming US tour. Unfortunately, they will miss any shows scheduled before the Chicago date on November 10th. Having seen photos of the band and heard their records, we can completely understand the need for reining in their transnational movements - they are, without a doubt a menacing, shifty lot.


Trembling Blue Stars sneek into NYC for private gig

As of today, FuturePopShop has put tickets online to an "unannounced" NYC gig at Fez on November 7.  Please go to the shop, under tickets, and find tickets for the show. They would like if the people who were slighted by the 'cancellation' (the show from last March that was "downgraded" because of Bobby's bout with laryngitis) could be the first to know. You'll have the weekend to purchase tickets.
News courtesy of Skippy