Excellent Bands in the News

Well, it's been a busy month for some of the smaller bands who are near and dear to our hearts, so we thought we'd go over some happenings with some of the veterans of our two compilations, Flirt! and Intertwined. Click on READ MORE to check out the news!


Turnerjoy's New Album Ready to Roll

One of these days we might get tired of talking about TURNERJOY, but today ain't one of those days. The band's second album, "Transplant," is finished and ready for release via the band's website (www.turnerjoy.com), and it's well worth a look-see. So much so, in fact, that if you click on "READ MORE", you'll get a gushing review from Shane.


American Music Really IS Okay: New Turnerjoy Demos Online

In case you were wondering what impact bands like Radiohead and the Doves have had on up-and-coming American groups, just point your browser to www.turnerjoy.com and check out the three new demos from TURNERJOY, who consistently remain atop our list of favorite unsigned US bands. The Chicago-based group, featured on Excellent Online's own "Intertwined" downloadable album, have been tucked away in the studio for most of 2002, and they've just posted three new demos from the forthcoming new album - and they're fantastic to say the least.