The Days of Blur's Lives

By shane

Well, we weren't gonna comment on this one until some definite confirmation came around, but it's officially starting to look as though GRAHAM COXON has left BLUR. Rumours started flying last week in the UK tabloids that Coxon had left the band -- but were quickly denied by Blur and Coxon spokespeople within the day. Then earlier this week it was discovered that the other three members of Blur - Damon, Alex, and Dave - had adjourned to Morocco to work on new recordings, while a seemingly unconcerned Coxon told NME he had no idea the band were even recording, claiming he's focusing on his next solo record. And now today, the news seems extraordinarily bad - Norman Cook (aka FATBOY SLIM), who is producing the new Blur record - went on record with The Evening Session and admitted that Coxon had effectively left the band and had not contributed to the new album. These statements were, to a degree, confirmed tonight by Blur's manager Chris Morrison, who issued a statement reading, "Blur and Graham are currently contemplating and deciding amongst themselves what the future arrangements will be." In other words, it doesn't look good for Coxon's continued presence in the band. We'll keep you updated.