Kurt Cobain Pushing Shoes From The Great Beyond, One More Time

By theajaysharma

We are constantly reminded of how much dead musicians love advertising footwear. Just recently Ian Curtis and Sid Vicious got in the game, and before that Kurt was unsuccessfully appropriated by Doc Martens. Well if you've been waiting since then 'til now to finally have some Cobain-y shoes, get ready to go running grunge fans: The Daily Swarm has images of the new Courtney Love-approved Cobain Converse. They're coming soon -- in more than one diaristic style! -- to a mall near you. The sneaks are part of Converse's 100th Anniversary and their "Welcome To The Converse Century" campaign. Smells like Odor Eaters to us, but then again, as morbid as it is, he was wearing One Stars when he died, so at least we know he liked the product. (That's called a silver lining.) Remember kids, "Punk rock means freedom" ... and posthumous endorsement deals from your creepy wife. - Source