Man, That Pete Doherty Really DOES Have Some Problems, Eh?

By shane

It hasn't been a good month for Pete Doherty of the LIBERTINES. As you probably know by now, Pete was kicked out of the band months ago for excessive and self-destructive drug use. After first being thrown in jail for trying to rob bandmate Carl Barat's house, Doherty was eventually released from prison and welcomed back into the Libertines fold. This month, however, Doherty checked himself into The Priory, the UK's famed drug rehabilitation clinic. During his stay, Doherty was posted on message boards and forums about his struggle to stay clean and his experiences in rehab, which included a rather chilling post about being placed on suicide watch. A few days later, Doherty checked himself out of the clinic. Last Friday, according to NME, Doherty gave an interview to a UK tabloid wherein he basically sacked himself from the band, claimed that Barat had "given up" on him, and spoke of checking into a French rehab facility. A band spokesman now confirms today that Doherty was indeed taken to a French clinic by his mother. No word how this will affect the Libertines' second album and upcoming tour, both slated for early summer.