New Polyphonic Spree Video - "We Crawl"

By theajaysharma

Tim DeLaughter's finally done it; his choral rock symphony officially has more Sections than it does members. And this here "Section 26 (We Crawl)" is the most personal yet, videographically anyway. By training home movie cameras on themselves in their individual, natural environs, the Polyphonic ones show themselves for maybe the first time as a multitude of monophonic folks, stripped of military fatigues and pastel robes, at their houses, with their puppies, hanging out on highway overpasses. It's heartwarming and totally humanizing, and probably less Brady Bunch than this screen cap suggests (well maybe except for the scenes from Juile and Tim's too-good-to-be-true homelife; that family's so adorable it's like we need to hit perezhilton just to regain our constant and treasured sense of cynicism). Last time Hal Samples meshed together the images, here the Spree men and women turned their footage in to filmmaker Dante Harper, who turned out a cute one. Watch it at jambase.  Source