New Rogue Wave Video (Feat. Bob Odenkirk) - "Chicago X 12"

By theajaysharma

One day Lindsay and Scott will arm wrestle to settle their ongoing Who Is The Bigger Mr. Show Nutcase feud they didn't know they were in until just now. Until they go over the top, though, one point goes to Lindsay for not only posting Rogue Wave's video for the previously loved "Chicago X 12" -- featuring Bob Odenkirk as a clueless director -- but also for spotting the trend and appending more music videos starring Bob and/or Dave as clueless directors. This includes the likes of YLT's "Sugarcube" and Superchunk's "Watery Hands" (but disqualifies the New Pornos' "Use It" and the Strokes' "Juicebox"). In the Rogue Wave clip, Bob is a misheard lyric specialist with a predilection for The Karate Kid. Not sure there's more you need to hear than that. Go watch at Videogum, it's a cute clip and a fun video spread. I saw the shit out of it! - Source