Pete Doherty, Blackmailer?

By shane

Gee, here's a shocker. BABYSHAMBLES frontman Pete Doherty's in trouble again. This time Pete was arrested for robbery and blackmail. The alleged victim? Documentarian Max Carlish, who's been following Doherty around with a film crew. (Word is that they've got some pretty hardcore footage of Doherty using drugs.) There's really been no word yet on what caused the incident, though Carlish is attempting to get all charges against Doherty dropped, saying "frankly, I wouldn't be surprised if in three weeks time he's hanging on the end of a rope in a jail cell somewhere. I do not want that to happen, so I'm not going to press charges." While the NME reported that Doherty made bail, a story off the wire refutes NME's claim and says that Doherty missed bail, and, as result, will spend the weekend in the pokey.