Phantom Phorce a phantom release?

By liz

Are you having a hard time finding the new SUPER FURRY ANIMALS' CD? You aren't the only one. Unfortunately, the company that the Furry's were distributing their new remix album through, 3MV, has gone liquidy (uhh... that'd be bankrupt I suppose). So what happened to all those copies of 'Phantom Phorce'? Who knows. According to the Furry's label, Placid Casual, they'll be sending out new copies to retailers but it'll take a few weeks to get sorted.

I'd tell you how wonderful the release is and all that you're missing out, but along with the other 99% of SFA fans, I haven't been able to find it either. Check back with Placid Casual for more updates...

Note From Shane: Just as a quick postscript on Liz' story, I DO have it, and it's only marginally wonderful. Some of the mixes are spot-on, but others just plink and plonk around willy-nilly. And if you've got the DVD, you've heard most of it already.