Polyphonic Spree Back in Action

By shane

You know, when it comes to 15+ member pop bands, one name stands out from all the rest! Well, okay, so only one name exists. THE POLYPHONIC SPREE are set to return next month with their highly anticipated sophomore album, "Together We're Heavy." And, to kick things off, the band's website, thepolyphonicspree.com, is prepping a pretty cool offer. For only $60 through the online store at the band's site, you can now order what's being referred as the "Ensure Your Reservation" package. Shipped in order to arrive on the album's release date of 7/13, the package contains:

- a copy of the new CD autographed by EVERY member of the band
- a limited edition technicolor robe as featured in the album art
- an exclusive Polyphonic DVD entitled, "The Earth Giving Birth"
- an exclusive image of the band available nowhere else
- the ever-popular "other special surprises"

Kind of a cool idea, we think. Noodling around on the band's revamped site will also allow you to hear audio snippets from the new record. Very cool.