The Polyphonic Spree - Live

By brian

The Polyphonic Spree
Aladdin Theatre,
Portland OR

My first surprise of the night came when I got to the Aladdin Theatre just before the Polyphonic Spree was set to go on to discover that the theatre was maybe only half full. Quite a bit less than I would have expected given the advance press on this band. My second surprise came with the type of people that were at the show. It was a range from very elderly patrons to very small children. In fact, there were so many children that I thought I wandered into the wrong show.

I was soon relieved on that worry when the lights went down, and the damndest thing happened. I saw a show. Not just a regular rock gig. But a faith inspiring, soul redeeming, Uplifting Joy of a show!

The whole thing reminded me of one of those midnight churches that I used to see in LA, that I never ventured into. I wish I had if it was half as fantastic as the Polyphonic Spree. As many of you reading know, the Polyphonic Spree are twenty odd musicians/ singers/ assorted cast, that adorn robes and sing uplifting songs about the sun. Tim, the leader used to be in that band, Tripping Daisy, that had that one hit back in the mid 90's, "I Got A Girl".

I can safely say that what he is doing now is far more meaningful, and moving. The played their album, and a couple poignant covers, such as the Alan Parson's Project's Time. The entire ensemble was singing, and dancing and celebrating, and for several moments, I just wanted to get up there and celebrate with them. It was such an intensely happy vibe. When it was over, and I was walking back to the car, I still had that smile on my face. Needless to say, check out the Polyphonic Spree if you get the chance. They are something special to experience.