PopKIDS Fall/Winter 2004

By liz

Another lovely school year is under way in Brooklyn and the kids, as always, have a lot to say about music.

In this fall's adventures, first graders ponder Australians, Sufjan Stevens reduces second graders to tears, and Flin Flon scares a sweet kindergartner to the point of near-destruction.

~Sarah Allen

Architecture in Helsinki - "The Owls Go"


Raj: Architecture is buildings.
Delly: Skyscrapers.
Martha: I heard a...a...! (holds up pretend trumpet)
Raj: A ostrich?
Ms S: I think it's a trumpet.
Martha: Yeah
Ms S: What's the song about?
Delly: I think that it is about a people, a person.
Raj: No, it is about architecture.
Delly: There is no songs about architecture.
Martha: This song makes me so happy I want to go sing all over the world. I want to hear this song at my house all the time and I never want to stop hearing this song.
Raj: This is my favorite song that I ever wanted. Did you ever see the Simpsons?
Ms S: Yes, I love that show! Delly?
Delly: I like this one (pointing to Essex Green album). I like this one (AIH) a little bit.
Ms S: This band is from Australia.
Delly: That's where there are kangaroos.
Martha: And koalas.
Delly: And, um...I think there are cats and dogs there. Big dogs.
Raj: Do they speak the same as us?
Ms S: They speak English too, but it sounds a little different than us.
Martha: Do they comb their hair?
Ms S: I'm pretty sure they do.
Raj: What color socks do they have?
Ms S: Many different colors, I think.
Raj: Oh maaaaaan!

Sufjan Stevens - "Say Yes! to Michigan!"


Mead: That is a weird name!
Elizabeth: (sounding out) Soooof. Jan. Soof-Jan! What is a Soof-Jan? (laughs crazily)
Ms S: That's his name.
Taneesh: I never heard that name in my whole life! Is it a name in China?
Elizabeth: A name in China is upside down.
Mead: Which song is this?
Ms S: "Say Yes! to Michigan!"
Mead: Michigan is a state.
Ms S: Yeah.
Mead: You can't say yes to it! A state can't even talk!
Taneesh: Maybe it could talk.
Mead: No it can't!
Ms S: Let's unroll the map of the United States and I'll show you where it is. Ok...right here. And I am from the state next to it, right here (Wisconsin).
Mead: You live next to Soof-Jan Stevens? Did you go to his house?
Ms S: No. These states are next to each other, but they're big. It's really pretty far between them.
Taneesh: Miss Sarah, Elizabeth is crying. (It was much more like quiet whimpering. --ed.)
Ms S: Eliabeth, what's wrong?
Elizabeth: I don't want you and Soof-Jan Stevens to move to Michigan.
Ms S: Oh! Don't worry, sweetheart...I live in Brooklyn. I'm not going anywhere. And Sufjan lives somewhere in Brooklyn too.
Taneesh: I thought he lived in China.

Darren Hanlon - "Brooklyn Bridge"


Arlyn: We went on the Brooklyn Bridge!
Jahmel: When we were in kindergarten.
Ms S: What can you tell me about that bridge?
Arlyn: It's BIG.
Jahmel: A lot of people made it.
Arlyn: It was invented.
Jahmel: We walked on it, with our class. You can see the water under the wood! I thought I was going to fall through on the water! Aaaaaaaaah! (both laugh hysterically)
Arlyn: Does he live in Brooklyn?
Ms S: He lives in Australia.
Arlyn: (laughing) That's in a solar system!
Jahmel: Why did he say about the Brooklyn Bridge?
Ms S: He visited from Australia and went to see it.
Jahmel: But he's from Australia!
Ms S: People from all over the world come to see the Brooklyn Bridge.
Jahmel: Oh yeah. It's famous!
Arlyn: Does he have to give us money to see it because he's from Australia?
Ms S: It's free!
Jahmel: I'm gonna make him give us a hundred dollars!
Ms S: What would you buy then?
Jahmel: Game boy games! And a bird!
Arlyn: A hamster.
Jahmel: A hamster.
Ms S: What do you think of the song?
Elizabeth: I love this song.
Jahmel: I love it a little bit.
Ms S: Show me how much with your hands. (Elizabeth holds her hands so close together they are almost touching; Jahmel stretches his out as wide as possible.)

Flin Flon - "Odessa"


Remy: This is bad music.
Ms S: Why do you think so?
Remy: This is heart-heart music. I am DARK. This is Dracula.
Ms S: Is this music scary?
Remy: Yes. I am going to break this all up (picks up cd player).
Ms S: Remy, wait! Wait! I'll turn it off!