PopKIDS vs. The Lucksmiths/From Bubblegum To Sky

By liz

These kids are addictive... so we're offering a fix that's a few months old.
The Lucksmiths - "T-Shirt Weather"
4th Graders on what exactly *is* T-Shirt Weather?


Abigail: Oh, this is happy.
Arelis: It's a man.
Carlos: Ha ha! Miss Allen, this is your favorite song!
Ms Allen: What do you mean?
Carlos: Wait, wait--go back. (song is skimmed through) Ok, ok... right there! Teacher!
Ms Allen: Teacher? (pause) Oh! Actually, it's "T-shirt Weather."
Carlos: (glumly)Well, I think it says 'teacher'.
Devan: What is t-shirt weather?
Arelis: Don't even ask me cause I don't KNOW.
Oscar: Miss Allen, what is t-shirt weather?
Ms Allen: It's really what _you_ think it is. You decide.
Abigail: I think it's like... when you buy a new shirt and you want to wear it and show it to your friends.
Arelis: You're just saying that because YOU have a new shirt.
Oscar: I think it's, um, how some places you can not go in unless you got a shirt. Like Friend's Pizza on 7th Ave.
Carlos: No, it's about diapers! Ha hahahahahahaha!
Arelis: (apologetically) Don't even worry about him, Miss Allen, cause he has always been like this since kindergarden and I know because he was in the same kindergarten as me and he was ALWAYS in trouble with the teacher.
Carlos: I am the genius of the world!

From Bubblegum To Sky - "Hello Hello Hi"

Juan: Is This Shakira?
Ms Allen: No.
Lisette: I think it IS Shakira cause I think I have this song at my house.
Ms Allen: This is a man singing.
All: WHAT?!
Dalia: I never heard a man like this.
Ms Allen: See, right here, his name is Mario Hernandez.
Juan: He's Puerto Rican! WOOHOOO!
Ms Allen: I think he's Japanese and Philipino.
Juan: Aww.
Lisette: Phil-lip-pee-no?!
Ms Allen: From the country The Philipines.
Dalia: What is that, like France or something?
Ms Allen: It's in Asia.
Lisette: "France?" Haha!
Dalia: Shut up, Lisette, you didn't know either!
Juan: Does he like sushi?
Ms Allen: I don't know.
Juan: Does he like Chinese food?
Ms Allen: I don't know.
Juan: I like lo mein.
Ms Allen: Do you like the song?
Juan: It's ok.
Dalia: I like it.
Lisette: No, it reminds me of how I always have to go to church.