Run, Pete, Run.

By shane

Fans of Mr. Show will understand when I say that PETE DOHERTY is rapidly becoming the Ronnie Dobbs of the music scene. When we last left the estranged Libertines frontman, we were told he was headed off to France for another round of drug rehab. Well, turns out that was a lie. "France" was, in fact, another round at London's Priory clinic (they made up the France bit to throw the press off-track.) Didn't matter in the long run, as Doherty skipped out of the voluntary clinic after only a few days. Then last week it was announced that Doherty was being sent to... yep... a Thai monastery. But not just ANY Thai monastery... but rather the Thamkrabok Monastery, known world-wide for its drug rehabilitation success. But is that enough to hold our Pete? Nope. After a mere two days at his new home, Doherty checked out of his own accord, found his way to Bangkok, caught a flight back to London... and promptly got arrested for possessing a knife while being pulled over for a driving infraction. It's hard NOT to start viewing Doherty in a comical light, but at the same time, we're watching the rather public unraveling of a guy with some pretty serious musical potential... which is actually a bit sad, really. We wish Pete the best, and hope he finds SOME kind of help before he completely loses it.