The Smiths: 'Stuff White People Like'

By theajaysharma

By now, a good deal of you may have stumbled upon the hilarious (and quickly ubiquitous) site, Stuff White People Like. With categories such as 'Modern Furniture', 'Oscar Parties' & 'Co-Ed Sports', I must draw attention to SWPL #70: 'Difficult Breakups'. Check out this smile-inducing passage: *The majority of white person art is created after a difficult breakup; films, indie music, and poetry are all kicked into high production during the end of a relationship. This helps train white people to prepare for the pain that is coming.Once breakup proceedings have been initiated, a white person is immediately thrust into the center of attention in their circle of friends. During this time, they are permitted to talk at great lengths about themselves, listen to The Smiths, and get free dinners from all of their friends who think "they shouldn't be alone right now..." Source