Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others

By liz

As far as I knew "The Smiths" was not a storyline, but... apparently to some it is. Andrew Wale and Perrin Manzer (creators of Jacques Brel's Anonymous Society) are taking "The Smiths" the way of The Pet Shop Boys and ABBA... into a musical. The show, which will premier in London at the Lyric Hammersmith Theatre next summer, will consist of more than 20 classic Smiths tunes re-arranged for a string quartet and a half a dozen vocalists. Negotiations are currently ongoing with the producers and Misters Morrissey and Marr to determine exactly which Smiths songs will be included. How will this weave itself into a story? Associate Producer Michael Brazier told the Independent...

"It is not a linear story. There will be action going on on stage whether it's dance or movement or acting without words depends on the scene. Sometimes the song - and what the singer is saying in the song - will be the main line of action. But other times when you are concentrating on the singer, out of the corner of your eye you will be seeing impressionistic goings- on elsewhere on the stage. The significance of that [action] will become clear later. The meaning of these clues will gradually reveal themselves."