Take me for a ride away from places we have known...

By liz

Mark Gardener (ex-Ride, ex-Animalhouse) is about to embark on a solo career. He's currently recording material at a studio in West London that delves into his travels and experiences over the past few years. It's been rumored for awhile now that a few lucky Americans might be fortunate enough to hear some of this new solo material first hand when Mark comes over here for a tour. While dates won't be announced until next week, we can assure you that he is indeed planning an acoustic tour where he will be playing both old Ride material and his new solo songs. Expect a few instore appearances, a few radio shows and perhaps a festival date.

Ride's unofficial website Ticket To Ride is asking for your questions for an upcoming interview with Mark. You can email them directly to Piero Piutti and please, no more questions about if Ride will be reforming. ;-)