Them Nutty Libertines

By shane

So more light has been shed on the ongoing saga of THE LIBERTINES. As you've read by now, co-frontman Pete Doherty took an unannounced sabbatical from the band a few months ago, only to re-surface a few months later when he was charged with burgling a London flat. Now, news arrives that the flat in question was that of fellow Libertine Carl Barat, where the estranged Doherty made off with armfuls of music equipment. More to the point, the rumours can officially be confirmed by a story today in the Evening Standard newspaper, where Doherty has gone on record and "come clean" that's he's addicted to both heroin AND crack cocaine. The troubled Doherty claims that he recently left a rehab facility unsuccessful after just a few days and that, "you don't go to rehab, you just kick it. It's got to come from within." Doherty has pled guilty to the robbery and will be sentenced in September (if he makes it that long.) Let's hope this guy gets the help he needs.