Tony Hawk Interviews Isaac Brock And Johnny Marr

By theajaysharma

On the new site ShredOrDie -- a member of the OrDie Network -- skating legend Tony Hawk (did he ever find Animal Chin, btw?) interviews Isaac Brock and Johnny Marr before the start of one of Modest Mouse's shows. Yes, we're serious ... even about the site's name. Hawk does a pretty good job, getting Brock to talk about how MM landed Marr and asking the ex-Smith about his workout regimen back in the day (A: smoke a lot). Best moments: Brock subtly schooling Hawk on Treepeople and Hawk explaining that when you break your pelvis it hurts like hell to laugh, sneeze. Brock: "Which I imagine comes up."

"This dude is much hipper than me." Except when you're bugging him with your loud stereo, young Isaac! For his part, Johnny seems much more adjusted than Morrissey. Which, admittedly, doesn't seem too hard. - Source