Turnerjoy's New Album Ready to Roll

By shane

One of these days we might get tired of talking about TURNERJOY, but today ain't one of those days. The band's second album, "Transplant," is finished and ready for release via the band's website (www.turnerjoy.com), and it's well worth a look-see. So much so, in fact, that if you click on "READ MORE", you'll get a gushing review from Shane.

NOTE FROM SHANE: I tried to write an objective news story here - I can't do it - so let me just spell it out for ya: Turnerjoy are the greatest unsigned band I've ever heard. Ever. And I've heard a LOT of bands, kids.

The new record is nothing shy of fantastic. Just go to their WEBSITE and listen to the mp3's. Check out "Tortuous" from the new record. What you'll hear is an unsigned, undiscovered group from Chicago who have somehow managed on a shoestring budget to encapsulate the best bits of RADIOHEAD, THE DOVES, ULTRASOUND, THE FLAMING LIPS, THE LONGPIGS, PINK FLOYD, and about 30 other bands all onto one recording.

It's the kind of good that makes your back hair stand on end. It's the kind of good that makes you proud of your own musical taste. It's the kind of good that makes the world hum.

Don't call me biased. Yes, I know the band. But do you know WHY I know them? Because I was so floored after seeing them open for the Candyskins four years ago, I went up and told them that they were the future of music. And the new material is about 30 plateaus higher than what they were doing back then.

If there is justice in the world, Turnerjoy will soon be on the covers of the magazines you faithfully read every month.

I can't gush any more. I really can't. Don't listen to me. Listen to THEM.