Watch Radiohead's Webcast From 93 Feet East (Live In London 1/16/08)

By theajaysharma

Things got a little throw off track when more people than expected turned up (surprise!) at Rough Trade East for Radiohead's smallest gig in forever. So the popo had the band move find a slightly larger place and move the fun to 93 Feet East (name of the venue, not how far the gig was moved). Take the virtual tour of the room here to get appropriately, hysterically jealous, and then enjoy the entire show via this YouTube playlist which houses the band's, front-to-back retelling of In Rainbows (followed by an encore that had Thom solo on "Up On The Ladder" and the full band for "You And Whose Army?," "The National Anthem," "My Iron Lung," and "The Bends"). Sound quality's great, and if you weren't already thankful to be living in or near one of these cities, now you are.  Source