White Stripes See Red Over Bootlegging

By shane

THE WHITE STRIPES have a new record coming out in April. But that's probably old news to you, because if you're on the internet, chances are you already own it, as an advance copy of "Elephant" has snuck its way onto the Net and is likely being downloaded by 2,592 people as you read this. As news of the mass bootlegging hit the band, Jack White posted this to the White Stripes website:

"I'm very sad at some of you for peeking at your Christmas presents before Christmas morning. Can't you wait? We want you to have it when we want you to have it. It's unfair that some get a taste and confuse others before they have the chance to have it for themselves, but the devil is at work here and you will pay for your impatience. This world of have-it-now, millisecond attention span and gross neglect for quality is getting old."

As a result of the leak, the release date of "Elephant" has been bumped from April 15th to April 1st.