Yours, Mine and Ours

By liz

THE PERNICE BROTHERS released their third album Yours, Mine and Ours a few weeks ago to tons of critical acclaim. The followup album to 2001's The World Won't End finds the band in rare form and pushing their dark pop tunes to the limit. To quote Keith Phipps in the Onion A.V. Club, "...the music of a grown-up unruly boy who learned that there was more to the record store than U.K.-only B-sides, but who never shook the haunted melancholy of a teenage obsessive. The new Pernice Brothers album Yours, Mine & Ours strikes the same gorgeous, sad tone as its two predecessors, beginning with a track so immediately striking that the rest of the disc could consist of misguided experiments in dub remixes, and it might not matter." Luckily for us, the record does follow suit. You can listen to the new album on the Pernice Brother's Site or catch the band on their upcoming US Tour.