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Justin Bieber Slowed Down Sounds Like Sigur Ros

Justin Bieber is the new teen fad and over at reddit, someone posted a link to one of this songs playing at 1/8th the speed of the original and it oddly sounds like Sigur Ros.

I know what you're thinking.  If you slow down Justin Bieber and it actually sounds like Sigur Ros, then speeding up Sigur Ros must sound like Justin Bieber right?  Not quite.

Jonsi, Sigur Ros Frontman, Shares A Track from Upcoming Album

As previously reported, Jonsi is the frontman for Sigur Ros and is heading out for a North American tour.  His album will be released in April and he has recently released the second track from the album on youtube (click Read More for the video).  The track is called, "Go Do", is vastly more upbeat then the Sigur Ros tracks.  His first track from the album, "Boy Lilikoi" is also available on youtube.

Sigur Ros Frontman Tours America

Jonsi from Sigur Ros will be touring North America to support his solo album, "Go", which is set to be released on March 22nd.

Sigur Ros had been working on their next studio album when they decided to scrap it and start over.There's a question to how far along the album was when they decided to ditch it.  In a blog post on, they say that the album is "nearing completion" which was posted on May 27, 2010.  Then seven months later, Jonsi tells Spinner Music that, "We haven't got another [Sigur Ros] album ready. It was just a rumour."

Not sure why the "official blog" is spreading rumors, but until they return, we can enjoy Jonsi's solo album and his upcoming tour.

British Sea Power, Sigur Ros' string band for Jersey festival

British Sea Power and Amiina, the Icelandic quartet who provide backing strings for Sigur Ros, are set to play live at the forthcoming Branchage Film Festival in Jersey later this year. Source

Sigur Ros To Release Two Films

But if you miss the screening, there'll be a nice set featuring the DVDs out next month... - Source

Sigur Ros contribute to new edition of 'Prince Of Persia' game

A Sigur Ros song has been used in the trailer for the forthcoming new edition of classic computer game 'Prince Of Persia'. - Source

Sigur Ros Scores Best Debut Week Ever In US

Their latest effort, Med..., has sold 32K in 7 days.That tally places them at #15 on The Billboard 200.Further chart info can be found here.MP3: Sigur Ros - Von - Source

Sigur Ros Releases American Tour Blog

Read all about the beginning of their NA trek here.  They'll be playing 2 shows in NYC this week.  - Source

Sigur Ros Unveils Censored 'Gobbledigook' Clip

Not nearly as amazing as the original but watch the 'SFW Stills' version below. - Source

Sigur Ros Announce Album Details

We heard that Sigur Ros was planning on releasing their fifth album this summer, and from what we have heard so far, it sounds like it is going to be great. On June 24 the band will relea... - Source