Tons of Good Shows Coming Up...

Lots of good tour news last week.  I bought tickets to see Godspeed but got my scheduling messed up because it's on the same day as Coachella.  Damn, would've loved to see Godspeed at Big Sur, CA.  If you ever get a chance to drive up the California coast, do it.  But remember, it's a LONG drive so make sure you plan accordingly.


Long time...

Well, it's been a LONG time.  The last update to this site was back in February but we're still very much alive.  Mainly we've been keeping the twitter/facebook pages updated with news and getting that information back into the site has been a little tedious.  So I'm going to start keeping our site updated as well with the stuff that gets posted in the previous week.  More after the jump:


Short One Today: Elbow, Banksy, BAD, Arcade Fire, Radiohead, Mogwai, PJ Harvey

Mostly Arcade Fire and Radiohead news, since those are some big stories for this week.  


Groovy Train: Explosions in the Sky, New Elbow, She & Him, Radiohead, Strokes, Suede, Stone Roses-ish, Pixes

Lots of good stuff, especially the new Elbow track if you missed it.  Plus the clip of Noel talking about how influential the Stone Roeses' Spike Island gig is pretty cool.


Back from Vacation, Tons of News

So let's try something new.  I've been on vacation for over a week and have gathered up a ton of links to interesting stories.  Instead of writing a bunch of little stories for each thing, I'm just going to lump them all in this one post.  This should get me all caught up and ready for the rest of the week.


Guy Garvey Talks About Elbow's Upcoming Album

I'll be frank, there's really no reason for this story except for the fact that it talks about Elbow.  And I like Elbow... a lot.  Guy Garvey (the lead singer) did an interview in NME where he has quotes about the new album:  "romantic and nostalgic, as a lot of our stuff is, but... I don't really know how to put it; I suppose it’s bigger in some places and subtler in others."  Or y'know, like all the other Elbow albums that have ever existed, except this one will be bigger and subtler.  Needless to say, I'm still excited about the upcoming album.

Elbow Are Recording A New Album About Their Childhood, "Lippy Kids"

Elbow have been on a pretty amazing streak of great albums.  Actually, I can't think of a "bad" Elbow album and their shows are getting better and better every time I see them live.  Naturally, I cannot wait for their next record which is slotted for next year.  BBC 6 Music interviewed Guy Garvey, the lead singer, and he said that the working title for the album is, "Lippy Kids".

The album is about 75% complete and they are all currently excited about the the record so far:  "We're all buzzing off it. You have periods of nervousness and then you have periods of elation. And we're all buzzing off it at the minute."

Elbow to join Coldplay on North American jaunt

Elbow have announced that they will support Coldplay on several US tour dates this summer. - Source

Elbow To Release "Live At Abbey Road" Album

An all-live version of 'The Seldom Seen Kid' to get special CD/DVD package. - Source