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Monday Wrapup: Arcade Fire, Lou Reed, Daft Punk, Girls, XX, Prodigy, Joy Division and Scalpers

I'm having more fun writing these summaries, I think I found my new format.  Now if I can only put this together quicker I might do it daily instead of sporatically.  Anyway, lots of links in this one, enjoy!


UPDATE: Mani: "...Peter Hook's wallet stuffed with Ian Curtis' blood money..."

Freebass was a bass super group formed by Peter Hook and some prominent bass players.  Last week Andy Rourke (ex-Smiths) left the band and now Mani is taking a dig at Peter Hook as well.  He writes on twitter (of all places):

"Three things visible from space, Great Wall Of China, Peter Hook's wallet stuffed with Ian Curtis' blood money, Man City's empty trophy cabinet!" he tweeted, adding: "I've actually got an ongoing career, so I don’t feel the need to exploit my past glories. I exist in the here and the now."

"It's where it belongs mate… in the fucking bargain bin before it's even released," he wrote. "You live and learn."

I, personally, was thinking along the same lines, sorta torn about Peter Hook going on the road to play Joy Division's "Unknown Pleasures" album in full with no other members of Joy Division.  Then again, it's probably the closest thing I'll ever get to seeing the band so it might be worth it.

UPDATE on Sept 14:  Mani has apologized for his outburst and Peter Hook forgives him.  Personally I'm way to cynical as this whole thing could've just been manufactured to bring attention to their Freebass album which comes out next week.

Peter Hook Brings Unknown Pleasures to the US

Peter hook is the legendary bassist for Joy Division and New Order.  On the 30th anniversary of Ian Curtis' death, he performed Joy Division's album, Unknown Pleasures, in full.  This December he will bring the tour to the US on a quick nine date US jaunt that starts in Washington DC on December 1st and wraps up in Los Angeles on December 11th. 

Personally I'm a little torn about this.  On one hand, I have never seen Joy Division live and this will probably be the closest chance I get (and no, the cover band, Joy Revision, doesn't count).  On the other hand, I'm not sure if this is memorializing the legendary singer or is it just continuing to cash in.