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Chemical Brothers Release A New Video: Another World

The Chemical Brothers have released a new video for their track, "Another World", which is off their latest album, Further.  I'm not embedding it in this site because last time Parlophone removed the rights and it looked silly.  So just go to youtube and check out the video for yourself.  As usual, the Chemical Brothers deliver in their visual style and have created a great video.  One of the youtube comments even made sense!  xDarkJJx writes, "reminds me of radioheads' clip: house of cards."  Right on xDarkJJx, Right on.  

Stream The New Chemical Brothers Album Now

NPR has the stream, it is a pretty fanstatic record which comes out next week.  And the Chemical Brothers have a few dates coming up as well.  I'm excited. 

Electronica Update: Underworld Announce New Album And BBC Reviews New Chems Record

Remember back in the 90's when the term "techno" didn't describe all the new "electronic dance music" bands?  So someone (probably MTV) came up with the new sexy name, "Electronica", to describe The Chemical Brothers, Prodigy, Orbital, and Underworld?  Yeah, awesome music, crappy genre name though.

The Chemical Brothers have an album review up on BBC Music "Horse Power is mental in a superb off-your-box polyphonic rave assault style, giving way to the My Bloody Valentine-inspired Swoon with shards of weaving noise fizzing across grin-inducing acidic bliss-pop"  Yeah, I'm really excited for this album.

Also, Underworld has announced the details of their new album, "Barking".  It's their first album in 3 years and they received some help from Paul van Dyk and Dubfire (who's known for being 1/2 of Deep Dish).  The album is expected to be released on September 13th and I'm hoping a tour will follow.

New Chemical Brothers Video: Swoon

The Chemical Brothers have been around for a while.  Their first record, "Exit Planet Dust" came out 15 years ago and they have a new record, "Further" coming out on June 8th.  They've been known to have great collaborators on their records like Noel from Oasis, Richard Ashcroft, Beth Orton, and Tim Burgess.  For their seventh album they're cutting the collaborations and this will be the first album with no outside vocals.

The first single is called Swoon, and the video is pretty fantastic as usual.  I heard this track and bought tickets to see them at the Hollywood Bowl later this year.

Chemical Brothers Announce New Album

The Chemical Brothers will have a new album out on June 7th called, "Further".  I know, I know, not a lot of people care about the whole "electronica" thing since it was called "electronica" back in the late ninties but their last record, "We Are the Night", was pretty amazing.  It was an excellent return to dance music from the horrible "Push the Button" record.

I just paused for a second while writing this and read some reviews about "We Are The Night".  Apparently my opinion that it's a vastly superior album to "Push the Button" is in stark contrast to the rest of the media.  Awesome.

Video - Chemical Brothers "Midnight Madness"

The best of album from Chemical Brothers is close to dropping. It's hard to believe that the guys have been going strong for thirteen years. While the album really consists basically of a singles collection (with some other jams, click the link above to see), there will be a new tune on - Source

Heroes Taps Wilco, Death Cab, My Morning Jacket, The Jesus & Mary Chain For Soundtrack

Heroes doesn't normally give us a lot of reasons to mention it, as pop music is rarely incorporated into their scenes about staving off the apocalypse. There was that one time where some girls were double-dutching to M.I.A.'s "Boyz" (before Kala became the Reminder of dance music) but that hardly seemed worth a post. Usually the deepest we go with the show here is when Peter Patrelli turns up in Fergie videos.

But apparently none of that really matters when it comes to compiling the show's soundtrack, because it's hella cool and hella full of stuff that has absolutely no connection to the narrative (okay, Bowie's "Heroes" is a logical inclusion). The key question for OST compilers these days seems to be "what will make us appear cooler" -- and in Heroes' case, they've succeeded here, most notably scoring the Jesus & Mary Chain's first studio recording in a decade ("All Things Must Pass") and a new and exclusive tune from Wilco, "Glad It's Over." That's in addition to previously unreleased tunes from Imogen Heap, Brighton Port Authority (feat. Iggy Pop), and Panic At The Disco, as reported by Billboard. To throw more coolness at you: there's a tune from the Chemical Brothers (feat. Spank Rock) and oldies from Dylan, My Morning Jacket, Death Cab, the New Pornographers, do you really need us to go on? It's out 3/18 on, what else, NBC Records. Check the tracklist: - Source

She's been everywhere else, why not TV?

British Singer/songwriter Beth Orton will be appearing on the WB television series Charmed on February 9. She'll be performing her new single "Thinking About Tomorrow".

Beth recently joined The Flaming Lips during their London Forum gig in January for a cover of Kylie's 'Can't Get You Outta My Head'. She performed 3 songs with the band including a new, as yet untitled track and "The State We're In" (her collaboration with The Chemical Brothers on their 'Surrender' album).

Superstar DJs, Here We Go!

ASTRALWERKS is throwing a Closing Night party for CMJ at the Hammerstein Ballroom on Saturday November 4. The event is featuring the *ONLY* US appearance by THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS in support of "Come WIth Us". The event features openers SIMIAN, ERLEND OYE (of Kings of Conveience Fame), and a DJ set by AUDIO BULLYS.

Tickets can be purchased through the Astralwerks website.