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Scarlett Johansson: Anywhere I Lay My Head

Actress Scarlett Johansson unveils her anti-vanity vanity project, a record of Tom Waits covers (with one original) that belongs as much to its producer, TV on the Radio's Dave Sitek, as it does to the Lost in Translation star. If this isn't weird enough already, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' Nick Zinner and David Bowie are among the guests. - Source

David Bowie Releases Live 1972 Recording

Grab the tightest pants from the back of your closet and throw on some glitter boots, David Bowie is planning to release a live album that dates back to 1972. The release will consist of eighteen songs that he played during the Ziggy Stardust US tour - Source

Heroes Taps Wilco, Death Cab, My Morning Jacket, The Jesus & Mary Chain For Soundtrack

Heroes doesn't normally give us a lot of reasons to mention it, as pop music is rarely incorporated into their scenes about staving off the apocalypse. There was that one time where some girls were double-dutching to M.I.A.'s "Boyz" (before Kala became the Reminder of dance music) but that hardly seemed worth a post. Usually the deepest we go with the show here is when Peter Patrelli turns up in Fergie videos.

But apparently none of that really matters when it comes to compiling the show's soundtrack, because it's hella cool and hella full of stuff that has absolutely no connection to the narrative (okay, Bowie's "Heroes" is a logical inclusion). The key question for OST compilers these days seems to be "what will make us appear cooler" -- and in Heroes' case, they've succeeded here, most notably scoring the Jesus & Mary Chain's first studio recording in a decade ("All Things Must Pass") and a new and exclusive tune from Wilco, "Glad It's Over." That's in addition to previously unreleased tunes from Imogen Heap, Brighton Port Authority (feat. Iggy Pop), and Panic At The Disco, as reported by Billboard. To throw more coolness at you: there's a tune from the Chemical Brothers (feat. Spank Rock) and oldies from Dylan, My Morning Jacket, Death Cab, the New Pornographers, do you really need us to go on? It's out 3/18 on, what else, NBC Records. Check the tracklist: - Source

Badly Drawn Single

What's wrong with a limited release anymore? To add to the ridiculousness of BOWIE releasing 23 different versions of his new greatest hits, BADLY DRAWN BOY will be releasing and deleting his new single in the same day. October 14 will see the release of Damon's new material "You Were Right" in the UK, only to have the material disappear by the end of business hours.

So much for finding it in America...

New Bowie Record Features Air and Moby

Allstar has the story about David Bowie next album, Heathen'. It features guitar leads by Pete Townshend and remixes by Air and Moby. The album is due out on June 11th.