Clearing the May Backlog in June...

So my life in May was pretty much on hold because I was switching jobs.  And as regular readers might be aware, any slight modification in my life results in massive neglect to excellent online (hey, we've been doing this for over ten years, that says something right?).  I was contacted by a recruiter for a Seattle-based company back in February and went through several phone interviews.  After each one, I'd wait a week then politely ask for the status.  Another week would go by then a response saying that I've advanced to the next step.  So persistence is their first test.  How badly do you want this job?  Bad enough for you to keep emailing us?

After four phone interviews (all with their appropriate delays), I get invited for the onsite.  I was pretty anxious this whole time but the onsite interview really kicks it into overdrive.  Now I'm plagued with thoughts like, "how am I going to find a place to live in Seattle" or "will I adjust to the lack of sunshine."  Truely first world problems because obviously I can adjust to anywhere.

While this is happening, I interview with a local company (I'm in southern California, btw) and they offer me the position but I tell them that I cannot accept until I interview in Seattle.  I'm not going to bore you with the details of the interview other then to say it was a full day (10:30am-5pm, also interviewed during lunch!) and was the most intense interview I've ever had.  They asked if I wanted to stay in Seattle an extra day to check out the city.  But I was a big bag of nerves and wanted to get home as soon as possible and get back to my wife and kid.  The weekend was more of the same, a nervous wreck.  They were going to notify me on Monday evening about the status so I was super pissed that I didn't get a response until Tuesday morning.  They declined.  Bummer.

So I accepted the position from the other local company and while I'm sad that I'm not moving to Seattle, I think staying down here is good for me for right now.  So that's why there hasn't been a post in a while.  ;)


JAMC Back in the US, DJ Shadow Comp, and Go Buy the Ride Reissue!

My first post-Coachella update.  Looking back it was a pretty damn good festival, probably one of the best ones as far as how well it was organized.  The best year for music is too hard to determine.  It might be my last one as I'm just tired of the allergies and now with the two weekends of Coachella and all the local shows, it's not worth the hassle.  In anycase, here are this week's updates.  Enjoy!


Ride's 'Nowhere' Gets A 20th Anniversary Reissue

Our favorite shoegaze band is back with a 20-year-old album.  Rhino Records is going to reissue the ground breaking debut album from Ride, 'Nowhere'.  The 2CD set will be released on December 21st.  The first disc is a remastered US version of 'Nowhere' as well as the 'Today Forever' EP.  The second disc will contain only five songs from a show they did on their first US tour (recorded at the Roxy in LA in 1991).  Tracklisting is inside...

UPDATE:  A more complete tracklisting of CD2 is now included.  It is not a measly 5-tracks!


Loz from Ride Joins the Mary Chain!

That's right, it's official. THE JESUS AND MARY CHAIN are reforming for Coachella (and a European fest or two) this spring. What you didn't know is that playing drums on these gigs will be none other than LOZ COLBERT (ex-Ride). Jim Reid confirmed it to Tripwire today. Holy wow. It just gets better & better...

Mark Gardener Needs a Hand

MARK GARDENER, he of Ride fame and friend/musical hero of this site, has finally revealed plans for his upcoming solo record. The record is now in its final stages of recording and should be out in the fall. Gardener, however, is asking for a little bit of support. Mark is attempting to fund the recording of the album on his own and then its release will be licensed and distributed through an array of global labels that he's already arranged. However, he's looking for some more funding to complete the record's recording... that's where we come in. Gardener is offering a pre-sale on the CD through Oxfordmusic.net. Those of you who pre-order the record will not only be helping a very worthy cause, you'll also get something special for your trouble: a limited edition DVD documentary of Mark's past couple of years on the road and in the studio. There will only be 2500 copies of the pre-order available, so don't miss out on the bonus disc. We have also inquired with Oxfordmusic.net as to the format of the DVD. At this time, their plan is to release the DVD on a region-free format, compatible with all DVD players.

Also, we can attest to the prompt and reliable service of Oxfordmusic.net, as we have ordered from their site frequently ourselves and give it glowing reviews.

Ride DVD Planned

A RIDE DVD is in the works. There's no release date as of yet, but it will include videos, interviews, private footage and more. Piero Piutti (of Ticket to Ride fame) is also seeking your help. Apparently they have some footage that was shot by an American filmaker, Steve Lewis, but have lost touch with him. If you have any info, then please contact Piero

Riding the Waves Stateside

Ride are continuing their post-breakup releases with a collection of BBC Sessions, titled Waves. Already out in the UK, it will see a US release October 7 on The First Time Records. The seventeen song session features tracks recorded with Peel, Goodier and Radcliffe from 1990-1994. Included on the collection are Ride favorite's 'Like A Daydream', 'Dreams Burn Down' and covers of Dead Can Dance's 'Severance' and the Pale Saints 'Sight Of You'.

Mark Gardener will be touring the US this September in support of the release with British band Goldrush. As opposed to Mark's tour this past spring, audiences can expect a full electric showcase with Mark's new solo material and perhaps a few Ride diddys.

Mark Gardener Interview


How I Hung Out With My Idol and Didn't Come Across Like an Ass (Hopefully)

In my world, having Mark Gardener tour the States and play acoustic gigs in intimate settings is a bit like having Jesus round for a spot of tea. Finding out on 3 hours notice that you've got an interview with Mark Gardener is a bit like finding out that you, in fact, ARE Jesus. No pressure there.

And despite my fears, it went swimmingly. So swimmingly, in fact, that I'm not even sure where the interview stops and hanging out with a new friend starts. Liz and I got a chance to sit around for a few hours(!) with the former Ride frontman before his recent acoustic gig at Chicago's Abbey Pub. Turns out the voice of my favorite band of all time is actually a pretty down-to-Earth guy with some fantastic insight on Ride, Creation, shoegazing, and his brilliant return to form this year.

Want to hear how Ride "fucking rocked the house"? Want to learn what it's like to have an indie rock icon for a landlord? How Mark considers this his "Neil Young phase"? Then click more to read on!


Take me for a ride away from places we have known...

Mark Gardener (ex-Ride, ex-Animalhouse) is about to embark on a solo career. He's currently recording material at a studio in West London that delves into his travels and experiences over the past few years. It's been rumored for awhile now that a few lucky Americans might be fortunate enough to hear some of this new solo material first hand when Mark comes over here for a tour. While dates won't be announced until next week, we can assure you that he is indeed planning an acoustic tour where he will be playing both old Ride material and his new solo songs. Expect a few instore appearances, a few radio shows and perhaps a festival date.

Ride's unofficial website Ticket To Ride is asking for your questions for an upcoming interview with Mark. You can email them directly to Piero Piutti and please, no more questions about if Ride will be reforming. ;-)