JAMC Back in the US, DJ Shadow Comp, and Go Buy the Ride Reissue!

My first post-Coachella update.  Looking back it was a pretty damn good festival, probably one of the best ones as far as how well it was organized.  The best year for music is too hard to determine.  It might be my last one as I'm just tired of the allergies and now with the two weekends of Coachella and all the local shows, it's not worth the hassle.  In anycase, here are this week's updates.  Enjoy!


Groovy Train: Explosions in the Sky, New Elbow, She & Him, Radiohead, Strokes, Suede, Stone Roses-ish, Pixes

Lots of good stuff, especially the new Elbow track if you missed it.  Plus the clip of Noel talking about how influential the Stone Roeses' Spike Island gig is pretty cool.


Still Playing Catch Up. Another Summary of the Last Couple of Weeks

Apparently I'm still not back on track but managed to go through my leads and pick out some interesting stories.  So if you've been AWOL like me for the last couple of weeks then this should help you get caught up, read on!



Back from Vacation, Tons of News

So let's try something new.  I've been on vacation for over a week and have gathered up a ton of links to interesting stories.  Instead of writing a bunch of little stories for each thing, I'm just going to lump them all in this one post.  This should get me all caught up and ready for the rest of the week.


Pixies Embark on 20th Anniversary Doolittle Tour

Here comes your band. - Source

Pixies to sign limited-edition copies of 'Minotaur' box set

Pixies have announced that all four members of the band will sign all 3,000 limited-edition copies of their career-spanning box set, 'Minotaur', which is available for pre-order beginning today (June 15). - Source

Pixies announce new release

Pixies have announced a new release, entitled 'Minotaur'. - Source

Frank Black to Open for Stone Temple Pilots

Oh so long ago, there was a band from Boston called Pixies. They were very, very good. A guy named Kurt-- who you probably know from another very, very good band called Nirvana-- heard those Pixies, cribbed what he could, added a few more primary influences and plenty of his own touches, and became very famous as a result. - Source

Black Francis: SVN FNGRS

Frank Black returns again to his Pixies-era stage name and a change in direction, steering away from the rootsy rock of the Catholics and his sedate recordings with legendary session musicians and back toward surging, punk-inspired weird-rock on this new mini-LP. - Source