Still Playing Catch Up. Another Summary of the Last Couple of Weeks

Apparently I'm still not back on track but managed to go through my leads and pick out some interesting stories.  So if you've been AWOL like me for the last couple of weeks then this should help you get caught up, read on!



Phoenix and Julian Casablancas are Featured on the New Sofia Coppola Film

Sofia Coppola has a new movie coming out in December and you can watch the trailer below.  Phoenix and Julian Casablancas will be lending their talents to the soundtrack.  Phoenix was also on the "Lost In Translation" soundtrack and that's where I first learned of them.

The new movie is called, "Somewhere" and it follows a "bad-boy actor" who's living at the famous Chateau Marmont Hotel in Los Angeles when his daughter comes to visit with him.  Wow, that description sounds horrible, thank god the trailer looks better then my summarizing skills.


Will Grizzly Bear or Animal Collective Work In A Strip Club?

The Village Voice interviewed a stripper and asked the important questions like which music works and what doesn't.  Apparently Weezer and Muse are popular.  I also learned a new acronym on page 2 of the article, "GAPDY"  which stands for Grizzly Bear, Animal Collective, Phoenix, Dirty Projectors, Yeah Yeah Yeahs.  Apparently those won't make for great strip club songs but the Yeah Yeah Yeahs do alright.  It's a pretty funny/interesting read.