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Dump #3: Shaun Ryder, Sonic Youth, National, MBV in 8-bit, DJ Shadow, Tool, and a Dave Navarro Reality TV Show!

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Will Grizzly Bear or Animal Collective Work In A Strip Club?

The Village Voice interviewed a stripper and asked the important questions like which music works and what doesn't.  Apparently Weezer and Muse are popular.  I also learned a new acronym on page 2 of the article, "GAPDY"  which stands for Grizzly Bear, Animal Collective, Phoenix, Dirty Projectors, Yeah Yeah Yeahs.  Apparently those won't make for great strip club songs but the Yeah Yeah Yeahs do alright.  It's a pretty funny/interesting read.

Arcade Fire and Grizzly Bear in the 2010 Super Bowl

Arcade Fire return to the Super Bowl!  Back in 2008 the NFL (National Football League) took it upon themselves to play portions of "No Cars Go" during the broadcast.  Arcade Fire had no prior knowledge of the fact and also hadn't given the NFL permission to use their song.  There were talks of lawsuits but nothing really materialized.  This year was different and the NFL actually licensed, "Wake Up", to be used.  Arcade Fire had donated all proceeds to the Haiti relief charity, Stand with Haiti.

Grizzly Bear make their debut in the Super Bowl by having their track, "Two Weeks", play during a VW commercial (click Read More to see it).  I remember being outraged when I was younger to see bands that I love have their music in commercials, but I've since come to the reality that they need to eat as well.  So it's now a pleasent surprise to hear some good music get the massive exposure it deserves.


New Grizzly Bear Video - "While You Wait For The Others"

Sean Pecknold got his first mentions around here by directing videos for Fleet Foxes, the band of his folk bro Robin. But as we've noted, that partnership wasn't (just) nepotism: "Mykonos" was a lovely oragami-inspired, choreographed visual meditation, and of "White Winter Hymnal" I said "Basically if psychedelic folk music could be made out of animated clay, it would look like this." So while Sean could theoretically guilt trip Fleet Foxes into hiring him repeatedly, other acts now are hiring him just because he makes compelling clips.


Grizzly Bear map US dates

Grizzly Bear have announced a run of US shows, kicking off late September in Michigan, with Beach House accompanying them on all dates. - Source

Flaming Lips, MGMT to headline Treasure Island Festival

Flaming Lips, MGMT, The Decemberists, Yo La Tengo and Grizzly Bear are among the bands set to headline the Treasure Island Music Festival this autumn. - Source

Grizzly Bear @ The Wiltern, Los Angeles 6/19/09

Although Trent Reznor's big-upped Grizzly Bear on his defunct (and now refunct) Twitter, he gave the soothing side of indie rock a big kiss in high profile print recently, telling Newsweek:

I saw Sufjan Stevens last year, and I was like, how is his singing that good? The band Grizzly Bear, I think they're excellent. There's a beauty and a musicality there that I wish would have been in vogue in the late '80s, when I was forming bands. The aesthetic I was tuned into was a more dumbed-down kind of thing. Sometimes listening to stuff like they're doing makes me feel irrelevant. That's a nice, healthy kick in the ass. And it's interesting to see there's room for that in what's considered hip these days.

A friend once told me that Trent's similar tweetment of the Horrors' new album gave their sales a massive surge; that said, it's not like you could find an available ticket to the Grizzly Bear/Here We Go Magic L.A. stop even before that Newsweek hit the stands. The slowly-crossing-over Brooklyn outfit is finishing a celebrated cross-country trek tonight in San Francisco, on the heels of last night's show at the Wiltern, Grizzly Bear's largest headlining venue yet. Opening was Luke Temple, whose Here We Go Magic is reportedly beginning to coalesce into a live outfit on par with its hypnotic and worthy debut LP. Thanks to photographer Andrew Youssef for bringing back these photos. - Source

Grizzly Bear Are Sort Of Famous Now

The Soundscan numbers are in and they're big. These guys are probably going to be seen riding around in limousines from here on out, tossing money at people through the moon roof. Bet us. - Source

Grizzly Bear Frontman Chats Radiohead Tour With Vindy

Here's what Ed Droste had to say in this week's interview: *It's always been kind of a joke with our band like 'Yeah, we're going to go on tour with Radiohead someday'. And everyone would laugh, like that's the most unrealistic thing ever. And then they released In Rainbows and our booking agent submitted us for it. We didn't hear anything for a long time. Then the next thing we heard they chose us. I guess they don't even take submissions and they pick whomever they want. I still can't believe it. Like I have a weird fear and there's going to be a last minute cancellation. It's surreal.*Read the full piece here.Ed recently shared his summer playlist. - Source

All Points West Festival Gets A Bit Bigger

The upcoming All Points West Festival, taking place August 8 - 10 at New Jersey's Liberty State Park, just got a bit bigger with some additions to their already strong lineup. Friday's bill now contains Grizzly Bear and The Duke Spirit, and Sunday's will now also have Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals - Source