Still Playing Catch Up. Another Summary of the Last Couple of Weeks

By theajaysharma

Apparently I'm still not back on track but managed to go through my leads and pick out some interesting stories.  So if you've been AWOL like me for the last couple of weeks then this should help you get caught up, read on!



  • Ira Glass is the host of the amazing NPR radio program, "This American Life",  and you can see him performing an Elliott Smith cover, "Say Yes" over at pitchfork.
  • Daft Punk joined Phoenix onstage in New York for their encore.  You can watch some fan footage over at NME.  Also you can check out their new video, "Derezzed", for the Tron soundtrack.
  • Nine Inch Nails will reissue my favorite NIN album, "Pretty Hate Machine" with a "greatly improved sonic experience".  They're also releasing a 33 1/3 book for the album.  The 33 1/3 series takes a single album and analyzes everything about it.  They are very well written.
  • Jonsi cancels US instore dates.  Apparently cramming into a record store with 50 people isn't his idea of fun.  Over at 24bit you can catch a video of Jonsi performing "Stars in Still Water" at Origami Vinyl, which will probably be the last in-store performance he'll ever do.
  • Bez loses his appeal.
  • Robert Smith lends his vocals to Crystal Castles.
  • Brett Anderson says that he'll keep doing Suede shows "until it stops feeling special".  Y'know what would be really special?  A show in Los Angeles.  He also talks about working with Bernard Butler for the Sude 'Best of' complication that has recently been released.  Spoiler:  " was a nice trip down memory lane..."   awwwww
  • Watch My Morning Jacket play Wham, Prince, and some new tracks over at 24bit.
  • Jon Brookes is back with the Charlatans after brain tumour treatment.
  • Mogwai is set to release a new album, 'Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will'
  • Download the Pixies at Coachella 2004 for free!  I was there, I bought the CD, it's amazing.
  • Cornershop have canceled their US tour.  Granted, they are a little dull live, but they always seem to put out good records.
  • Garbage is reuniting.  True Story:  I once went to a Virgin Megastore for a Garbage in-store performance.  I arrived at 5:30 for a show at 7pm.  Around 6;45, nothing is setup and I'm starting to wonder what's going on when a friend sees me, asks, "what are you doing here?"  I tell her and she first laughs that I'm here for Garbage, then tells me that they're doing a signing and not a performance... And there's a line around the building.  Crap.  But she worked at Virgin so was able to get me in front of the line without waiting (in all fairness, I WAS there since 5).  Thanks Bernie.   :)
  • Y'know what your record collection is missing?  Some remastered 7" singles from Joy Division.
  • Cut Copy will release their new album in February.
  • Steve Mason (ex-Beta Band) has a great new album out and will tour the US in December.
  • Decemberists announce their new record, due out in January
  • Yo La Tengo go on the road in January.  Will determine the set by spinning a giant wheel at the start of each show.  I'm not joking.